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The Isao Suzuki Trio/Quartet Blow Up Gold CD


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The Isao Suzuki Trio

Quartet Blow Up

Impex Records Gold CD

Kunihiko Sugano, piano
Isao Suzuki, bass & cello
George Otsuka, drums
Takashi Mizuhashi, bass

1. Aqua Marine
2. Everything Happens to Me
3. Blow Up
4. Like It Is
5. I Can't Get Started
6. Low Flight

Recorded March 29, 30, 1973

Limited Edition 24 Karat Gold CD! Mastered by Kevin Gray!

Few, if any, international audiophile jazz recordings have maintained the kind of deep and profound influence over techniques and even entire label repertoire as Three Blind Mice’s TBM6, TBM23, and TBM30. The of-the-moment realism of Yoshihiko Kannari’s recordings and production aesthetic of producer and label head Takeshi “Tee” Fujii have been the benchmark to match. It is to their immense credit that “Blow Up,” “Midnight Sugar,” and “Misty” have yet to be matched, even 40 years later.

Impex, who as Cisco Music has had a long association with Tee and Three Blind Mice, has finally made available these seminal recordings on their state-of-the-art 24K, HDCD-encoded Gold CD for this first time ever.

Kevin Gray’s careful, unobtrusive mastering provides a near-analog like listening experience while you explore the deluxe book packaging with original photographs from the TBM archives and a new set of essays from NPR’s “Rhythm Planet” host Tom Schnabel.

Impex has given their all to the Three Blind Mice Gold CDs. Giving less for productions with these legacies would be a legendary mistake. Virtuosity and class all rolled into one. A great combination of upbeat blues and mellow grooves!

• Limited Edition
• 24k Gold CD
• HDCD-encoded
• Mastered by Kevin Gray
• Deluxe hard-cover packaging
• Booklet contains archival photographs

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