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Roberto Moronn Perez Andres Segovia Archive: Viva Segovia!

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Roberto Moronn Perez

Andres Segovia Archive: Viva Segovia!


Hans Haug (1900 - 1967)
1. Etude (Rondo fantastico)

Cyril Scott (1879 - 1970)

2. Adagio quasi introduzione, molto moderato
3. Allegretto pensoso
4. Finale

Lennox Berkeley (1903 - 1989)
Quatre Pieces pour la guitare

5. Moderato ma con brio
6. Andante con moto
7. Lento (Mouvement de Sarabande)
8. Allegro, energico

Ettore Desderi (1892 - 1974)
Sonata in mi

9. Preludio
10. Scherzo
11. Arioso
12. Toccata

Aloys Fornerod (1890 - 1965)
13. Prelude

Fernande Peyrot (1888 - 1978)
14. Theme et variations

Hans Haug (1900 - 1967)
15. Passacaglia


Classical Guitar Recording - Third Title in Important Series!

Following two successful albums featuring Spanish and French composers, Roberto Moronn Perez performs selected works from the "Andres Segovia Archive", this time showcasing the best compositions in the Archive from multiple countries. The genesis for this unique project is a collection of pieces recovered in May 2001 at Segovia’s home in Spain. These pieces were dedicated to Segovia or commissioned by him, involving composers from eight countries. They were subsequently published as "The Segovia Archive Series" by Edizione Musicale Berben. Guitarist Roberto Moronn Perez researched these newly recovered works and found some pieces that had never been recorded, and those that had were handicapped by poor visibility in the marketplace and limited distribution. This realization sparked the thought that here was an opportunity: a series of recordings organized around the nationalities of the composers in the Segovia Archive. 

Perez states: "My goal in this recording, as it was in my two previous ones, is to put together a high-quality programme of little-known, or in some cases, almost totally neglected gems excluded from the guitar repertoire, and to bring new life to these works, playing with the conviction that this music requires. A man’s music is the key to his character and personality, the reflection of his soul, it is the most authentic representation of the composer who wrote it and also of the musician who interprets it."

This album was recorded in the lovely acoustics of Holy Trinity Church, Weston, Hertfordshire, U.K. and was produced, recorded and edited by the outstanding U.K. engineer John Taylor. Mastering is by Reference Recordings’ own GRAMMY®-winning engineer Keith O. Johnson.

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