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Gran interpretación de Ernest Ansermet de Petrushka de Igor Stravinsky.

Ernest Ansermet, director

Orquesta de la Suisse Romande

Grabado en mayo de 1958 en la Victoria Hall de Ginebra.

Francisco Camino recomienda esta interpreación dentro del apartado de Antologías: los tres grandes ballets y dice: Ansermet, con tempi rápidos, rítmica imparable y sentido narrativo, posee autoridad en la interpretación de Stavinsky (director titular de los ballets rusos, amigo  de Stravinsky, estrenó varias de sus obras: El canto del Ruiseñor, Renard, Pulcinella, La historia del Soldado,Las bodas).

Una interpretación digna de tenr en cuenta por los amantes de Stravinsky.

Reedición en 180 gr de Speakers Corner

The highly controversial reactions of the public could hardly have inspired Stravinsky to believe that, of all his compositions, his early ballets would bring him world fame one day. But just how the composer set the story of the puppet Petrushka to music is doubtless one of the greatest achievements ever in ballet music. Petrushka’s wild behaviour puts the orchestra’s patience to a hard test. Eventually the ensemble takes its revenge with a vengeance and eventually causes the puppet to collapse.
DECCA is certainly to be congratulated for winning Ernest Ansermet for the present recording. No other conductor was granted the opportunity of following so closely all his life the creative process of this great composer. With its infallible perception of Stravinsky’s compositional language, the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande – long regarded by connoisseurs as one of the very best ensembles – admirably presents the varied colouring of the highly complex score, from the picturesque trills and slurs, to the lyrical, cantabile wind passages, and on to the unrelenting, hammering ostinati. Right from its very first release, the music and the performance have ensured that this recording has been dubbed “legendary”.

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Stravinsky Petrushka Ernest Ansermet Orchestre de la Suisse Romande DECCA 1958
Petrushka DECCA (Speakers Corner) 28,95€

1 LP Precintado

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