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MOZART Serenade in B Flat Major "Gran Partita"

1 LP 33 rpm 180 gr PRECINTADO

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Serenade in B Flat Major

"Gran Partita"

Half-Speed Mastered


Stuttgart Winds:
Anne Angerer, oboe
Annette Schutz, oboe
Dirk Altmann, clarinet
Karl Theo Adler, clarinet
Rudolf Konig, basset horn
Kurt Berger, basset horn
Hanno Donneweg, bassoon
Eduardo Calzado, bassoon
Wolfgang Wipfler, horn
Dietmar Ulrich, horn
Thomas Flender, horn
Josef Weissteiner, horn
Ryutaro Hei, double bass

Half-Speed Mastered on 180g Vinyl! Inspiring Tube Sound!

Half-speed is literally half the speed. But only during the production! When being played, everything runs perfectly normally again. This record requires no special treatment at all; it simply sounds better. It is as if the craftsman had taken twice as much time for his work. Not only the tempo is reduced at half speed, but also the pitch by a factor of 2. For example, a note of 40 kHz - Tacet recordings do indeed contain such high notes! - is transferred like a 20-kHz tone of a standard recording. Through this, electronics can process higher frequencies and the cutting stylus calmly cuts all the details into the lacquer foil. 

The procedure appears quite simple. However, before it is cut, the signal still has to run through a filter - the RIAA curve, which lowers low notes and raises high ones. This technically necessary alteration is corrected in your system's phono-preampliflier. Unfortunately, the filter processes the wrong frequencies during a half-speed cutting, namely an octave too high. But we have also mastered this task. Convince yourself of the natural and unaltered timbres on this LP. Enjoy the refined difference between clarinets and basset horn, the soft cantilenas of the oboes, the huge color spectrum of the horns, the ensemble playing of the bassoons with the double bass. 

Let yourself be carried away by the magnificent Gran Partita as interpreted by the Stuttgart Winds ensemble!

• 180g Vinyl
• 1/2 Speed Mastered
• Inspiring Tube Sound
• Gatefold jacket
• Pressed in Germany

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Mozart Serenade in B Flat Major Half-Speed Mastered TACET180g LP
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1 LP 33 rpm 180 gr PRECINTADO

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