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Lyn Stanley Potions (From the 50's)

2 LP's 45 rpm 180 gr PRECINTADO

IVA incluido


Lyn Stanley Potions (From the 50's) A.T. Music180g 45rpm 2LP

Lyn Stanley, vocals
Glenn Drewes, trumpet, flugelhorn
Thom Rotella, guitar
Tom Rainer, clarinet
Luis Conte, percussion
Rickey Woodard, tenor saxophone
Kenny Werner, piano, organ
Mike Lang, piano, organ
Bill Cunliffe, piano, organ
Mike Valerio, bass
Johannes Weidermuller, bass
Joe La Barbera, drums
John Robinson, drums
Ari Hoenig, drums

"I guaranty you that Potions is among the best sounding new records (or SACDs) you are likely to hear this year or next, or the year after that." - Michael Fremer, rated 9/11 Music, 11/11 Sonics!!! 

Analog Tape Original Recorded Album! 180 Gram 45rpm Double Vinyl!
Audiophile Pressing Mastered by Bernie Grundman and Pressed at RTI! 

All songs chosen for Lyn Stanley's album "Potions" were composed in the 1950s. The album is a tribute to the composers of the '50s. This stunning new album is a brilliant collection of classic songs drawn from a broad palette of jazz, popular hits, blues, country, R&B and doo-wop (and one very special Gershwin classic in a bonus track). Some are delivered in a similar context to the originals, others are uniquely conceived in unexpected fashion, but all of them are pure Lyn Stanley - captivating, imaginative and singular. 

"I guaranty you that Potions is among the best sounding new records (or SACDs) you are likely to hear this year or next, or the year after that. The instrumental timbre and textures are utterly natural and effortless and transparency is "you are there". Ms. Stanley's voice is recorded with equal transparency, clarity and verisimilitude. Yes, it is still possible to produce recordings 'like they used to'." - Michael Fremer, 

"...close, smoky, intimate... On Potions, Stanley perfects the thematic ring of her collection, adding one more bit of the past, analog recording. Music this warm should be bonded like fine brandy heated by the smoke of a Monte Cristo." - Michael bailey,, 5 Stars!!! 

" audiophile delight (available even in SACD). The closing song puts the seal of excellence on the entire repertoire in minimalist fashion, a sensitive, aching, beautiful vocal/piano duet between Stanley and Werner on The Man I Love. For all its trimmed-down presence, it's nonetheless complete and luxurious... and almost made it as my favored cut, but, God, what she does to The Thrill is Gone!" - Mark S. Tucker, 

"The sound is simply stunning. Let me say that one more time in case you didn’t hear me the first time; this is one good sounding LP! I love “Lullaby of Birdland.” You can hear every nuance of her vocals and the instruments. Superb phrasing. I enjoyed every song on these two LPs." - Jack Roberts, 

"If anything in this life is certain, it is that Ms. Lyn Stanley knows how to put an album together, but more important: She knows how to leave the listener wanting more. I don't care what decade her next album is from, as long as Ms. Stanley's effervescent voice is singing these fine arrangements, I'll certainly be there to hear them with anticipation." - NiteLife Exchange, 

"Sexy and seductive-these are the best words to describe the vocals of Lyn Stanley. When she sings a song like "Teach Me Tonight," who is going to be teaching what to whom is quite clear." -Jack Goodstein,

"If you loved Ella, Sarah and other jazz notables, you will love Lyn Stanley whose gracious ladylike manner and uber satin range will make you love jazz all over again." -Don Grigware,

"She oozes like molasses poured over buttered waffles on “Teach Me Tonight” and snaps like a snow pea on Valerio’s bass during a hip “I’m Walkin’.” Her tone is flawless, and she sounds like she’s having a good time, even when she’s like a kitten in a tree on “Misty."...very satisfying for the soul." -George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"She has a mature vocal sound, crystal clear diction...and an obvious affection for the lyrics...This is a delightful set that should appeal to many, be they jazz fans or aficionados of the Great American Songbook." -Jazz Mostly

"...beautiful and superb and the acoustic quality will startle you. It’s like listening to music for the very first time in your life!" -Radiodom

"Stanley nails it in ways you wouldn't think possible and everyone is having a blast taking it back to the day. Without a false note anywhere by anyone, jazz vocal fans have a home run here. Killer stuff." -Midwest Record 

To make the music all it should be, Stanley hired world renowned jazz pianist/composer and producer Kenny Werner to produce the album, adding Werner, Bill Cunliffe and Mike Lang along with Steve Rawlins and Tamir Hendelman as the arrangers to work on the album concept and song selections, and secured the talents of some of Los Angeles and New York's finest musicians to participate. Returning to the elements that made her first album so successful she again hires Al Schmitt, this time as both the recording and mixing engineer along with Bernie Grundman for mastering the album. 

The recording venue also changed to Hollywood's legendary Capitol Recording Studios Studios (Studio A--musician tracking and some vocals); Studio B (percussion and some vocals), and Avatar Recording Studio C in New York City where she could record with Kenny Werner and his trio. The vocalist microphone used in Los Angeles and NYC tracking for vocals was a Neumann U47, and those vocals recorded at Capitol were recorded with the same Neumann U47 that Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra used. 

The album contains 15 tracks-12 of the tracks are pure analog from musicians through vocals, mixing and mastering. Two of the 15 tracks were original musician and vocal recordings in ProTools (PCM-192/32bit). This high level is considered to be comparable to analog to some engineers and not many vocalists utilize this higher level of recording due to its sensitivity. One of the 15 tracks is a hybrid of musician and vocal tracks using 24 track analog tape and ProTools PCM (192/32bit). Every song on the album was mixed in and mastered in analog tape. 

Lyn Stanley, a unique sultry jazz vocalist from the Los Angeles area, became an international success with her debut standards album, Lost In Romance, released August 27, 2013. The album received several accolades in the hi-fi world of audiophiles including Album of Choice, Best of 2013 Albums, #6/100 Top Vinyl Albums the highest rated Chinese reviewer, Jack Lui in his 2014 book, "All About Vinyl" and awarded Top Rated Album by "a must have album for any audiophile collector" by renown international critic, Michael Fremer, who calls Lyn the "Chanteuse Extraordinaire."

A former USA amateur ballroom dance Pro/Am champion, Lyn Stanley's unique voice has been described as "beautiful," "Rich in low tones," with "phrasing and storytelling that makes her music very personal." Her dancing background adds a feel few artists can deliver. LA Jazz radio personality, Bubba Jackson, describes her as "the real deal - she has brought the songstress back to jazz!" She was discovered by world-class jazz legend, pianist Paul Smith best known as Ella Fitzgerald's accompanist/conductor. Stanley has become known for her lush low notes, beautiful intonation, rich interpretations, and phrasing.

Her flawless intonation and sumptuous warmth combine with a full bodied resonance throughout her extensive range. Her lyrics - precisely enunciated, perfectly phrased and vividly rhythmic - tell her stories not only through the words, but in the emotional content with which she sings them, and with a grace and sensuality that coats every syllable she sings with a fluidity that is simply mesmerizing.

"The Gershwin selection, especially, with Stanley backed only by Kenny Werner on piano, was profoundly communicative and stunningly well recorded—the silent audience collectively exhaled at the end of the song." -Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound 

"Here's a holy grail of analog...I have never heard this lady before but wow talk about presence and finesse. Analog - Analog - Analog. What a combo. My god Lyn you knocked it out of the park. Your putting a tear in my eye dear, your singing is so beautiful. And your band, just wonderful. I played the first LP 3 times in a row. The sound field is never in your face, always stable, height, depth and width are all full size." -Stephen Q., Canada 

"Wow, so I have played all four sides and just have to say that it is one outstanding release. The vinyl quality is superb with absolutely no noise, ticks, pops, etc and you come out all sultry from a dead black background that is very beguiling."
 -Larry C., Alaska

"The sound quality is astonishingly good, and Lyn's singing is beautiful, as is the sensitive playing of her band. Lyn and her recording team have set a new bench mark in audiophile music quality and pressing quality…Do yourselves a favor and buy this masterpiece." -Jake P., U.K.

"If the word "jewel" exists in the world of vinyl this is it, this album is a rare pearl you gave as a gift to us. The sound is so crisp, clean and natural that this album can be used as a reference by the audiophiles to adjust their turntable…this album deserves 11/10 for the sound and 11/10 for the music." -Nuri E., Belgium 

• 180g 45rpm Double Vinyl
• Mastered by Bernie Grundman
• Recorded and mixed by Al Schmitt 
• Pressed at RTI
• Gatefold Jacket

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Lyn Stanley Potions (From the 50's) 180g 45rpm 2LP
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2 LP's 45 rpm 180 gr PRECINTADO

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