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Los Planetas

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Vibrante, potente, maravillosa visión de Los Planetas de Gustav Holst por Zubin Mehta.

Zubin Mehta, director

Orquesta Filarmónicade Los Ángeles

Grabado en abril de 1971 en el Royce Hall de Los Ángeles

Esta interpretación de la suite de los planetas de Gutav Holst es espectacular, una grabación incluida en la Tas list. El dominio de Mehta es total, pero lo verdaderamente sorprendente es la toma de sonido, que se presta al detalle, siempre en tensión, con una fuerza arrolladora. Destacar el sublime Urano con un viento metal impresionante.

Reedició en 180 gr de Speakers Corner

Earth was not created in a day. And the same applies to Gustav Holst’s interplanetary symphony which took him about three years to write. The composer employs a massive orchestra and rich orchestral colouring to portray each planet in his musical psychogram.
Mars, the Bringer of War, rages with mechanical brutality, while Venus brings peace and an acceptance of life. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, darts here and there with quicksilver speed, while powerful and sovereign Jupiter brings jollity and reassurance. Saturn plods by with heavy tread, while Uranus with its contrasting changes in tempo remains enigmatic and extrovert. And because Pluto, the most distant planet had not yet been discovered, it is Neptune, the great unknown, which is lost in time and space in an endless ostinato of female voices.
Zubin Mehta and the Los Angeles Philharmonic present this astronomical journey with precision and exhilaration, leaving neither time nor space for astrological speculation. As always, the excellent DECCA recording quality guarantees an unimpeded view of this musical galaxy.

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1 LP Precintado

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