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L'Art Du Son Record Cleaning Fluid

1 botella de 100 ml Concentrado para 5 litros

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The Absolute Sound 2005 Editors' Choice Award Winner! 

100 ml de líquido concentrado para preparar 5 litros

Uno de los más eficaces del mercado.

L'Art Du Son Record Cleaning Fluid offers a significant sonic improvement to your record collection. This great product contains no alcohol, is non-toxic, anti-static, and environmentally friendly. Works best with vacuum cleaners such as VPI, Nitty Gritty, and many others! Concentrate make 1 gallon (or further diluted a maximum of 5 litres).

This premiere product from L'Art du Son is a new and revolutionary Record cleaning solution developed after years of research by founder and analogue devotee Martina Schoener.

Cleaning your records with L'Art Du Son Record Cleaning fluid will assists in cartridge tracking, minimizes damage to the record and reduces static effects. During development L'Art du Son employed extensive listening tests in addition to scientific research. You will be astonished doing a before and after comparison using the L`Art du Son product. Your record will sound less harsh and more open than most of the isopropyl based mixtures!

Important Note: Once you mix L'Art Du Son LP Cleaning Fluid with any Distilled Water, mixture will need to be stored in a GLASS CONTAINER ONLY! Otherwise, it is susceptible to mold growth. 

"...L'Art du Son, a record-cleaning fluid that really does sound different from the more conventional isopropyl-based cleaners. It contains no alcohol, is biodegradable, and can't hurt you, though I wouldn't advise drinking it! The conventional alcohol-based fluid deposited an electronic glaze over the sound, one particularly noticeable on the upper frequencies. This glaze increases the apparent 'definition' in the same way that most transistorized amplifiers do, and to these ears, emphasizes the electronic nature of the sound. With the L'Art du Son, that glaze is gone and just the music is left. I like this stuff! I couldn't imagine going back to the conventional cleaning fluids." - Audio Guru Harry Pearson, The Absolute Sound, June/July 2005, Issue 154 

• Contains no alcohol
• Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
• Uses non-toxic chemicals
• Cleans records on the molecular level
• The liquid comes as a concentrate and is to be added to distilled water. Shake well before use!
• The ingredients are biodegradable, please store the mixture at rather dark and cold places, again shake well before use!
• The liquid contains no alcohol, the ingredients are not harmful to the user 
• Best with vacuum cleaners such as the VPI, Nitty Gritty, Loricraft, Moth, Micro, Blue Danube, Keith Monk`s or others

Shake concentrate well!
Add to 1 gallon of distilled water.
During storage contents will separate, just shake the mixture to restore a uniform appearance before use. 
Best with vacuum record cleaners, don't use their internal tanks! These are often contaminated with mud.
If used without a record cleaner apply pure distilled water afterwards and use a microfibre cloth.
Keep away from children, don't drink!

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L'Art Du Son Record Cleaning Fluid 100ml
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1 botella de 100 ml Concentrado para 5 litros

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