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L'Art Du Son CD & DVD Cleaning Fluid

1 botella 120ml

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Harry Pearson Recommended! 

The newest member of the l’Art du Son family is a sprayed-on treatment for optical discs that both cleans and conditions the surface of CDs, DVDs, or SACDs. We have performed tests with multiple discs (one left untreated and the others treated with one of a few different fluids), where we listen to the untreated disc and then the treated ones, and in every case the l’Art du Son gave the best results in terms of transparency, dynamic agility, and a sense of organic smoothness and lack of fatigue more often associated with analog disc playback. 

In the latest The Absolute Sound (issue 155), Harry Pearson runs a comparison test of l’Art du Son optical cleaner and proclaims that: " is the one to buy. If you order and try some of this CD/DVD/SACD cleaner/conditioner, I am confident that you will feel the same way." 

After comparisons with another optical disc (CDs, DVDs, SACDs) treatment, Absolute Sound's Harry Pearson said of the L'Art du Son cleaner/conditioner: "L'Art du Son was sweeter, more neutral, and better at resolving the nuances of the music… With L'Art du Son, you'll get more ambient information [and] a much sweeter string sound (and on digital, no less!)…If I had to choose, I'd probably go for the L'Art du Son..."

"Just received my bottle of L’Art du Son CD/DVD Cleaner. Have tried nearly all the opposition products and my initial reaction is very positive indeed. Extremely easy to use and produces a wonderful finish on all discs I’ve used it on. Might be psychoacoustics but it does seem to enhance the sound on the discs; much more detail and better imaging/depth. Although expensive a single squirt is sufficient for both sides of one disc. Thanks for a great product!" - Mick (actual Elusive Disc Customer)

• Treats about 200 discs
• Approx. 4 oz
• Spray bottle applicator

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L'Art Du Son CD & DVD Cleaning Fluid
L'Art Du Son CD & DVD Cleaning Fluid L'ART DU SON 50,00€

1 botella 120ml

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