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Harold in Italia Op. 16

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  • Código de referencia: HIQLP028
  • Más en Vinilo audiófilo
  • Más en BERLIOZ, Hector
  • Director: Leonard Bernstein
  • Orquesta: Nationale de France
  • Solistas: Donald McInnes
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Side One

  1. Berlioz: Harold In Italy, Op.16
  2. 1. I. Adagio – Allegro ma non troppo (Harold in the Mountains)
  3. 2. II. Allegretto (Procession of Pilgrims)

Side Two

  1. Berlioz: Harold In Italy, Op.16 (cont.)
  2. 1. III. Allegro Assai – Allegretto (Serenade)
  3. 2. IV. Allegro frenetic (Orgy of the Brigands)

Orchestre Nationale de France
Donald McInnes (viola)

Leonard Bernstein (conductor)

Recorded on 3 November 1976 at the famous Salle Wagram, Paris. Produced by John Mordler and engineered by Paul Vavasseur.

Leonard Bernstein was one of the most recorded conductor/composers in history and whereas most of his work was released on CBS (Sony) and Deutsche Grammophon, during the 1970s several notable EMI recordings came out of his association with the Orchestre National de France (including Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique, available on HIQLP014).

EMI had recorded Orchestre National de France (also known as Orchestre National de l'Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision Française (ORTF)) for many years under its chief conductor Jean Martinon. However, largely as a result of the concerts he gave in the 1970s, Bernstein immediately struck up a rapport with the orchestra and the result was magic.
In the original November 1977 review of the EMI LP, JW of the GRAMOPHONE wrote that the:

...performance can be recommended as a brilliant and colourful encounter with one of Berlioz's most enjoyable scores and of the last movement JW wrote: Bernstein makes it thrilling, but not in the frenetic manner which would regard tension as an end in itself, rather than a product of potent feeling. This is a splendidly delivered climax to a work which Bernstein clearly admires. He draws beautifully sharp, clean playing from the orchestra (the brass, in particular, has a cut which exactly suits Berlioz's scoring); and he is given a comparable sound.

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Berlioz: Harold In Italy, Op.16 Orchestre Nationale de France Donald McInnes (viola)  Leonard Bernstein (conductor) EMI
Harold in Italia Op. 16 HI Q RECORDS 25,00€

1 LP Precintado

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