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Farberman, Shchedrin Concerto for Jazz & Carmen Suite UHQCD


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Harold Farberman (1929-2018)
Concerto for Jazz Drummer and Symphony Orchestra

1. Movement One
2. Movement Two
3. Movement Three
4. Movement Four
Georges Bizet (1838-1875) / Rodion Shchedrin (b. 1932)
Carmen Suite ("The Carmen Ballet")

5. (1) Einleitung (Introduction)
6. (2) Tanz (Dance)
7. (3) Erstes Intermezzo (First Intermezzo)
8. (4) Aufzug der Wache (Changing The Guard)
9. (5) Erscheinen der Carmen und Habanera (Entry Of Carmen And Habanera)
10. (6) Szene (Scene)
11. (7) Zweites Intermezzo (Second Intermezzo)
12. (8) Bolero
13. (9) Torero
14. (10) Torero und Carmen (Torero And Carmen)
15. (11) Adagio
16. (12) Kartenlegen (Wahrsagen) (Fortune Telling)
17. (13) Finale

Louis Bellson, drums (1-4)
The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (1-4)
The Kroumata Percussion Ensemble (5-17)
The Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra (5-17)
Harold Farberman, conductor

Grabación original BIS Records

Numbered, Limited Edition Japanese Import UHQCD!
Direct From Original Master Source!
Playable on any CD player, the Ultimate High Quality CD greatly surpasses all previous CDs before it!

Louis Bellson, and the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble perform composer and conductor Harold Farberman's Concerto for Jazz Drummer & Orchestra; as well as Schedrin: Bizet's Carmen Suite. Louis Belson (Artist), Harold Farberman (Composer, Conductor), Bizet (Composer), Rodion Shchedrin (Composer), Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra), Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra), Kroumata Percussion Ensemble (Orchestra).

All About Ultimate High Quality CD (UHQCD):
Many years have passed since the birth of the Audio Compact Disc (CD) back in 1982. By use of High-Quality materials and a totally different manufacturing method, the definitive version of audiophile audio CD was born. Playable on any CD player, the Ultimate High Quality CD greatly surpasses all previous CDs before it! 

The Ultimate High Quality CD (UHQCD):
UHQCD is a radical change to the CD manufacturing process itself. The conventional wisdom about CD manufacturing, which had remained largely unchanged across the world for over 30 years, has been exhaustively questioned. Through this effort, the ultimate in quality was attained - a level of quality that is certainly impossible to achieve with existing CD discs.

The Ultimate High Quality CD was developed through an effort to improve audio quality by simply upgrading the materials used in ordinary CDs to higher quality materials. For the substrate a high-transparency and high-fluidity polycarbonate (a type of plastic) of the type used for LCD panels was used, while for the reflective layer, low-cost, common aluminum was replaced with a unique and expensive alloy of high-reflectivity.

Differences in manufacturing methods:
Conventional CDs are produced using the technique of injection molding to form "pits" of data on polycarbonate material. Metal plate on which "pits" representing audio source data are formed is used as a die. This is called the "stamper." Polycarbonate is melted at high temperature and poured into the die to duplicate the pit patterns on the stamper.

This method is efficient because it enables high-speed production, but it does not enable totally accurate or complete duplication of the pits on the stamper. As a melted plastic, polycarbonate is inevitably viscous, so it cannot penetrate completely into every land and groove of the tiny pits of the stamper.

The Ultimate High Quality CD photopolymer is used instead of polycarbonate to replicate the pits of the stamper. In their normal state, photopolymers are liquids, but one of their characteristic properties is that they harden when exposed to light of certain wavelengths. The advantage of this property, perfect replication of very finely detailed pits was achieved. Photopolymers in the liquid state are able to penetrate into the tiniest corners of pits on the stamper so that the pattern of the pits is reproduced to an extremely high level of accuracy. The Ultimate High Quality CD reproduces audio with greater precision and at a level that is impossible to achieve using conventional CD production technology!

• Numbered, Limited Edition
• Made in Japan
• Ultimate High Quality CD
• Playable on conventional CD players
• Direct From Original Master Source

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