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Duke Ellington Ellington Indigos Gold CD


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Duke Ellington

Ellington Indigos

Impex Records Gold CD

1. Solitude
2. Where or When
3. Mood Indigo
4. Autumn Leaves
5. Prelude To A Kiss
6. Willow Weep For Me
7. Tenderly
8. Dancing In the Dark
Bonus Tracks (Mono):

9. Night and Day
10. All the Things You Are
11. The Sky Fell Down
12. Mood Indigo (Alternate Take 1)
13. Mood Indigo (Alternate Take 2)
14. Willow Weep For Me
15. Where or When
16. Love (My Heart, My Mind, My Everything)

Duke Ellington and His Orchestra:
Ray Nance, "Cat" Anderson, "Shorty" Baker, Clark Terry, Willie Cook, trumpets
Sam Woodyard, drums
John Sanders, Britt Woodman, Quentin Jackson, trombones
Jimmy Wood, bass
Johnny Hodges, Harry Carney, Russell Procope, Jimmy Hamilton, Paul Gonsalves, sax
Duke Ellington, piano

Limited Edition 24 Karat Gold CD! Mastered from Original Analog Tapes!
Stereo Tracks Mastered by Kevin Gray & Mono Bonus Track Mastered by Mark Wilder!

This 24 K Gold CD contains the complete original stereo album plus eight bonus tracks, including alternate takes, a track from themonoauralalbum and unreleased recordings. All tracks remastered from the analog master tapes: Original stereo tracks byKevin Grayand monoaural bonus tracks byMark Wilder. The 24k Gold CD is housed in a deluxe hard cover book package with booklet containing archival photographs and notes.

Impex Records makes your nights a little bit cooler with this 24k Gold shot of pure Duke at his most soulfully nocturnal. An elegant, romantic set of ballads from the master of American large-group jazz. Ellington Indigos is a 1958 jazz album by Duke Ellington. Indigos features performances of jazz standards such as "Mood Indigo," "Autumn Leaves," "Prelude To a Kiss," and more!

"The idea here was to produce an album dedicated to those who enjoyed dancing and listening to Duke Ellington and his Orchestra, so while most of Ellington's Columbia albums like Piano in the Background were thematic collections of songs for the LP era, this one attempts both musically and sonically to recreate the slow ballroom dancing ambience of a non-recital date where elegance of line takes precedent over jazzy syncopation and extended solos. It's positively dreamy...Close your eyes and you will imagine yourself in a "make believe ballroom"—an empty one—materializing out of the mist to bring you the sound and sensation of an era long past...The recording is superb in every way: texturally, harmonically and especially spatially."- Michael Fremer, analogplanet, Music 9/11, Sound 9/11

• Limited Edition
• 24k Gold CD
• Mastered from original analog tapes
• Original stereo tracks mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
• Monoaural bonus tracks by Mark Wilder
• Deluxe hard-cover packaging
• Booklet contains archival photographs and notes

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Duke Ellington Ellington Indigos Impex Records Gold CD
Duke Ellington Ellington Indigos Gold CD IMPEX RECORDS 35,00€


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