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Donny Hathaway: Everything Is Everything

1 LP 180 gr 33 rpm PRECINTADO

IVA incluido


Donny Hathaway

Everything Is Everything

Speakers Corner 180g LP

Donny Hathaway, vocals, keyboards, bass (B2)
Johnny Board, tenor saxophone
Clifford Davis, alto saxophone
Robert A. Lewis, trumpet
King Curtis, guitar, bass
Phil Upchurch, guitar, bass
Louis Satterfield, bass
Ric Powell, drums, percussion
Morris Jennings, drums
The Vashonettes, vocals

Side A:

1. Voices Inside (Everything is Everything)
2. Je Vous Aime (I Love You)
3. I Believe To My Soul
4. Misty
5. Sugar Lee
6. Tryin' Times
Side B:
7. Thank You Master (For My Soul)
8. The Ghetto
9. To Be Young, Gifted and Black

Recording: September 1969 – April 1970

High Quality Pure Analogue 180g Vinyl LP! 

Many a musical career began in the gospel church choirs of the black communities, but that of Donny Hathaway must certainly be one of the most meteoric. Rolling Stone magazine named him the 49th greatest singer (of 100) of all time, though this might sound somewhat abstract. But just the very first few bars of the opening number "Voices Inside" promises a programme in which the instrumental and human voices are on a par. Just listen to the impressively saturate sound and clear phrasing of the wind instruments which range from discreet to brassy. Spiced with peppery volleys on the clavinet, Hathaway’s soul sound breaks into new ground with harmonically fresh blues ("I Believe To My Soul"), soars passionately upwards ("Misty") and ploughs through a percussive, dry and cheerful confusion in the number entitled "Sugar Lee". Every single arrangement profits to the full from the excellence of the musicians and each number is therefore quite unique. Softly cushioned, melodious togetherness ("Trying’ Times") seems just as natural as prayer-like gospel song ("Thank You Master For My Soul"), which ventures into the realms of free jazz harmonies to the glory of God. 

This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head.

• 180g High Quality Vinyl
• Pure Analogue

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Donny Hathaway Everything Is Everything Speakers Corner 180g LP
Donny Hathaway: Everything Is Everything ATCO (Speakers Corner) 33,00€

1 LP 180 gr 33 rpm PRECINTADO

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