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David Oistrakh ENCORES

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  • Código de referencia: SAX2253
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  • Solistas: Oistrakh, Yampolsky
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David Oistrakh - Violin

Vladimir Yampolsky - Piano

Grabación Columbia Stereo

An artist who is really a favorite is seldom allowed to leave the platform as soon as the last item of the recital has been performed. The admirers leave their seats and crowd round the platform, bent on seeing how many more pieces their hero can be cajoled into giving them. Especially is this so with violinists for whom there is an almost limitless collection of melodious and dazzling tidbits which have been elbowed out of the more austere recital program of today. But they still retain the old charm and are enthusiastically acclaimed as Encores. Here is a selection from David Oistrakh's large repertoire of these delightful show pieces.

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