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Concierto para violín Op. 77

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Johannes Brahms:

Concierto para violín y orquesta en Re mayor, op.77 

Erica Morini, violín

 Artur Rodzinski, director

Orquesta Filarmónica de Londres

Grabado en septiembre de 1956 en Walthamstow Assembly Hall de Londres

Reedición en 180 gr de Speakers Corner

When one considers that Erica Morini’s 60-year career on the concert platform brought her together with such orchestras as the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic and took her as far as New York’s Carnegie Hall, the number of recordings she left us is very small indeed. In order to obtain an idea of this violinist’s great talent, which she developed to perfection as one of the very first women to attend the Vienna Conservatory, it has generally been necessary to delve into the shellac record archive. And of course, such records crackle and hiss, thus ruining the listener’s pleasure. But now here is the remedy: a stereo recording of Brahms’s Violin Concerto which the 61-year-old Erica Morini recorded for the Westminster label. Her clean and highly differentiated timbre, her lyrical expression, technical perfection, and of course her very own thrilling esprit is marvellous to hear.
No matter whether the absolute Brahms fan tucks this LP under his pillow at night, or the collector stows it away in his cupboard, or even better lets it spin around on the turntable, this LP remains invaluable for its documentary and artistic value.

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