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Concierto para Violín Op. 61

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Excelente interpretación de Wolfgang Schneiderhan y Eugen Jochum del Concierto para Violín de Ludwig van Beethoven.

Wolfgang Schneiderhan violín

Eugen Jochum, irector

Orquesta Filarmónica de Berlín

Grabado en julio de 1962 en Jeus-Christus-Kirche de Berlín

Recomendada por Francisco Camino en el apartado de Otras Grabaciones que dice: Entre los clásicos, una mención especial al testimonio de ese gran artista que fue el austriaco Schneiderhan, violinista de fraseo elegante y técnica irreprochable; el acompañamiento de Jochum es absolutamente ejemplar y la Orquesta es la Filarmónica de Berlín. Mejor no perdérselo.

La Penguin Guide lo premia con la Roseta y dice Puro lirismo

Reedición en 180 gr de Speakers Corner

Beethoven’s only violin concerto is certainly one of the most lovely works ever written for this instrument. The symphonically conceived work is admired for its highly lyrical and expressive character and as such belongs in the repertory of all great violinists. Numerous performances, often all too sentimental or exaggerated, are available on record – but this Deutsche Grammophon production from 1962 is a refreshing exception. With a tender, serene timbre and perfect intonation, the soloist Wolfgang Schneiderhan allows the spirit of the score to breathe throughout. The captivating and poetic music is further enhanced by the Berlin Philharmonic who play with a sonority that has yet to be equalled. The strings with the swell and subsidence of their carpets of sound, the subtle and finely balanced woodwinds, the double basses which murmur darkly at the very bottom of their register – all effuse a feeling of consecration and peaceful transfiguration in this concerto, a concerto which has never seen its like in two centuries.
The balance engineers achieved a remarkable feat when documenting this epoch-making work, for this recording is certainly one of the very best to come from Deutsche Grammophon in the Sixties.

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Concierto para Violín Op. 61 DGG (Speakers Corner) 28,95€

1 LP Precintado

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