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Chesnokov Teach Me Thy Statutes


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Chesnokov Teach Me Thy Statutes

Reference Recordings Stereo SACD

Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944)
Teach Me Thy Statutes
1. Bless The Lord, O My Soul
2. Blessed Is The Man
3. Gladsome Light
4. Lord, Now Lettest Thou
5. Praise The Name Of The Lord
6. Blessed Art Thou, O Lord
7. Having Beheld The Resurrection Of Christ
8. Jesus Has Risen From The Tomb
9. The Great Doxology
10. Bless The Lord, O My Soul
11. Glory… Only Begotten Son
12. Cherubic Hymn
13. A Mercy Of Peace And We Hymn Thee
14. It Is Truly Fitting
15. Salvation Is Created

PaTRAM Institute Male Choir
Vladimir Gorbik, conductor

Superb Recording of Russian Choral Music!

Reference Recordings is pleased to announce a new series of recordings from the PaTRAM Institute (Patriarch Tikhon Russian American Institute), beginning with Teach Me Thy Statutes. The music performed on this recording of Orthodox choral music in the Slavonic language was written by famed Russian composer Pavel Chesnokov (1877-1944). Teach me Thy Statutes is performed by the PaTRAM Institute Male Choir, a highly professional group which is a collaboration of Russian and American singers. The male choir is considered by many to be the mainstay of traditional chant and Orthodox monasticism.

PaTRAM Institute Singers and Reference Recordings are planning several more CD releases over the next 5 years with Dr. Peter Jermihov as artistic director and conductor. Alexis Lukianov, Founder, Chairman and CEO of PaTRAM Institute states: "I am very pleased that PaTRAM Institute Singers has partnered with one of the top labels in the classical music industry. We are excited about our newest prospects and opportunities to produce and distribute world-class orthodox liturgical music."

Teach Me Thy Statutes was recorded in Russia in July of 2016 in the Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian Orthodox Church, at the Saratov Orthodox Theological Seminary. PaTRAM's objective was to immerse the listener in the beautiful Russian monastic style of singing through its fullness and richness of sonority. Highly-esteemed conductor Maestro Vladimir Gorbik, whose pedigree is from the Moscow Conservatory and as choirmaster of the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra Representation Choir (monastery), skillfully unites strong musicianship with superb diction to a degree that is seldom heard outside of Russia, but which epitomizes the best traditional culture of singing in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Teach Me Thy Statutes was recorded and mastered by the team at Soundmirror, whose outstanding orchestral, solo, opera and chamber recordings have received more than 90 Grammy® nominations and awards. For over 40 years, Soundmirror has recorded for every major classical record label, including Reference Recordings.

"Intensely beautiful singing and sound; quite simply, choral albums don't come much better than this... Indeed, this album now tops my shortlist of the year's best so far." - Dan Morgan, MusicWeb International, Recording Of The Month

"…Pavel Chesnokov's genius… is superbly collected and recorded in the best way available. I congratulate those involved, and look forward to the next in this proposed sequence. And it is interesting to note the blessing given the cast by His Eminence, Metropolitan Longin of Saratov and Volsk, in July of 2016 in the Church of Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian at the Saratov Orthodox Theological Seminary. Buy it!" - John Miller,, 5/5 for Performance and Sonics

• Super Audio CD
• SACD 5.0 SACD Layer
• SACD Stereo SACD Layer
• This Hybrid SACD contains a 'Red Book' Stereo CD Layer which is playable on most conventional CD Players!
• Recorded in High Resolution DSD
• Recorded and mastered by Soundmirror

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