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Andy Bey: Experience And Judgment

1 LP 33 rpm 180 gr PRECINTADO

IVA incluido


Andy Bey

Experience And Judgment

Atlantic LP Speakers Corner

Reedición en vinilo de 180 gr de Speakers Corner


  1. Celestial Blues
  2. Experience
  3. Judgment
  4. I Know This Love Can't Be Wrong
  5. Hibiscus
  6. You Should've Seen The Way
  7. Tune Up
  8. Rosemary Blue
  9. Being Uptight
  10. A Place Where Love Is
  11. Trust Us To Find Tthe Way
  12. The Power Of My Mind


High Quality Pure Analogue 180g Vinyl LP!

Andy Bey was one of the most sought-after vocalists in the era of jazz fusion. Between 1968 and 1973 he was first choice as a studio singer for Max Roach, Duke Pearson, Horace Silver, Gary Bartz and Stanley Clarke, to mention but a few. His warm and engaging baritone voice easily crossed the bridge from conventional blues and gospel to a pugnacious, politicizing style of soul - Andy Bey was 'spiritual' in every sense of the word.

Experience And Judgment, his debut album under his own name, was recorded in New York in 1973 and quickly became a cult album. Bey delivers twelve songs in single length, which are full of relaxed, funky grooves, soulful and electrifying, and quite lacking in gimmickry - in many of them a blues number is lurking in the background as a basic idea. His most important colleagues are Wilbur Bascomb, who lets his electric slap bass really thump out, and Bill Fischer who joins in on an electric piano, synthesizer and various other keyboards and really sets off a little fusion firework display. The most powerful numbers come from Andy Bey himself, such as "Experience", "Judgment", "Celestial Blues", "Tune Up" and "Being Uptight" - often powering forwards with a vengeance. Bill Fischer - at that time Artistic Director at Atlantic Records - added a few soul ballads to balance out the LP. This album inspired numerous jazz singers, including Gregory Porter.

"What I love about Andy Bey is that he creates an atmosphere," says Jamie Cullum. "As soon as he opens his mouth, you're transported to another place."

This Speakers Corner LP was remastered using pure analogue components only, from the master tapes through to the cutting head.

Criminally overlooked by academics, critics and purists who refuse to listening to anything outside of conventional jazz vernacular, Andy Bey's delivery on Experience and Judgment goes beyond anything he previously committed to tape, revealing a spiritual side that's punched up and supported by a jazz-funk ensemble. The album's opener 'Celestial Blues' finds Bey delivering lines that wouldn't be out of place on Bill Withers records from this era, and the remainder of the album sounds similar to the works of such contemporaries as Roy Ayers and Gil Scott-Heron. It's soul soothing music that's been played with great reverence by the rare soul and funk community for years and rightly so, as Bey captures the essence of the soul world brilliantly, and fuses it into something that is uniquely his own.
-Rob Theakston, AllMusic


  • 180g High Quality Vinyl
  • Pure Analogue
  • Made from the original, analogue master tapes
  • Recorded July & September 1973 at Regent Sound Studios, New York, by Bob Liftin

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Andy Bey Experience And Judgment Atlantic LP Speakers Corner
Andy Bey: Experience And Judgment nuevo ATLANTIC (Speakers Corner) 33,00€

1 LP 33 rpm 180 gr PRECINTADO

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